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How does it work?

Patients sign up to your waitlist (with your permission) and submit their availability to attend a cancelled appointment. You can adjust the type and length of appointment they are waiting for, set the urgency with which you feel they need to be seen, and remove patients from your list if required.  When an appointment becomes available, you need only make a few simple mouse clicks to broadcast the appointment opening.

CancellationSpot employs a discerning dynamic and intelligent algorithm which ranks waiting patients by their likelihood of being able to fill the appointment and systematically informs them via SMS text message or e-mail (their choice) of the details of the open appointment. Within seconds to minutes a patient will call in to claim the open appointment! It is really that simple.


These unique features make CancellationSpot your perfect solution:

Free up your Medical Office Administrator:  Instead of spending hours on the phone to fill open appointments, MOAs can focus on other important tasks. Thanks to CancellationSpot’s intelligent algorithm, typically a single patient calls to claim the appointment.

No disruption to office workflow:  No changes to your current scheduling procedures are required. No downtime is required for setup. No software is installed on your office computers or devices.

Supports EMR and non-EMR practices:  CancellationSpot is the ideal EMR enhancement, but also replaces your paper cancellation waitlist if you do not use an EMR.

Multiple appointment types:  If you provide multiple services, CancellationSpot will notify only those patients waiting for the specific open appointment type.

Multi-provider shared accounts:  CancellationSpot works well in solo or group practices and supports multiple appointment type waitlists.

Fair and Intelligent:  CancellationSpot’s discerning algorithm takes many factors into account when deciding which patients to message first--including how long the patient has been on your list, how urgently they need to be seen, and how close they are to your office--in addition to the availability they specify.

Privacy is Paramount:  We take privacy and the protection of personal information extremely seriously. That is why we are committed to using exceptional industry standard safety measures to best protect data. For details, please review our Privacy Policy.

Exceptional Return on Investment (ROI): The potential ROI with is truly astounding, and can be up to 8000% or more. The more your time is worth, the more your ROI increases.

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