Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs For Patients

  • QWhat is CancellationSpot?
  • CancellationSpot is an online tool that healthcare providers can use to automatically notify their waiting patients when an unexpected appointment opening arises (for example, when someone else cancels). In healthcare offices, cancellations are happening all the time. Before CancellationSpot, cancelled appointment slots would often go unfilled, especially those that would occur on short notice. This is a waste of healthcare resources and makes everyone wait longer. CancellationSpot is the solution to that problem.

    Patients sign up to their healthcare providers on CancellationSpot, recording their availability to come in for an appointment and whether they would like to receive notifications by email or text. When a cancellation happens, their provider uses CancellationSpot to tell the appropriate waiting patients about the appointment. The first patient to call the healthcare provider’s office is generally given the appointment.  Other patients stay on the list to await the next CancellationSpot broadcast and their next chance to GET IN SOONER.

  • QWhat CancellationSpot is NOT.
  • Our goal at CancellationSpot is to get you in to see your healthcare provider as soon as possible. 20-30% of appointments with healthcare providers are cancelled, often on short notice.  In the past (before CancellationSpot!) it was difficult or impossible for healthcare offices to find an available patient to fill the spot and often those cancelled appointments would go unfilled. That was a major healthcare system inefficiency and each unfilled spot meant every waiting patient would just have to wait even longer. CancellationSpot is a tool that healthcare office can use to quickly notify available patients of an unexpected opening in the schedule. With CancellationSpot, we all benefit because the healthcare system can run at full efficiency and we all wait less. The person who fills the spot obviously benefits, but so does everyone else!

    So, what is CancellationSpot NOT?

    CancellationSpot does not "sell" appointments. In fact, CancellationSpot is FREE for patients (unless you decide to sign up for text message notifications, in which case there is a small fee).

    CancellationSpot does not have control over which spots your healthcare provider broadcasts or when they broadcast them.

    CancellationSpot does not decide whether or not you get the notifications of a particular broadcast (it is based on the availability that you state and how much advance notice you state you need).

    CancellationSpot is not a private healthcare system. We have taken great pains to make sure that CancellationSpot is easily accessible to as many patients as possible. You will need an email address to create an account, though.

    CancellationSpot is not mandatory. You can choose whether or not to sign up. If you do sign up, there is a chance that you can get in sooner on a cancellation. If you do not sign up, your healthcare provider will still book your normal appointment for you.

    Thanks for using CancellationSpot!

  • QIs this free?
  • Yes! CancellationSpot’s basic service is free.  There is a small fee to upgrade to text messaging.

  • QHow do the notifications work?
  • When you get on a healthcare provider’s CancellationSpot cancellation list, you are able to receive notifications of open appointments when your healthcare provider broadacasts them. This service is FREE courtesy of CancellationSpot using the default Notification Method of email. It is possible that several people might be notified of the same spot at the at the same time. Whoever calls the healthcare provider first to claim the spot will usually get it. Thus, you should respond to the notification as soon as possible. If the spot is filled by someone else, we will let you know with a follow up notification so that you don’t call in to your healthcare provider unnecessarily for a spot that is no longer available.

    If you prefer, you can also receive instant notifications of open appointments via text message. Because sending you text messages costs us, we need to charge a small fee for text notifications--there is a nominal fee of $9.99 to enable unlimited lifetime text messaging. Some people prefer texts because there is less delay in receiving texts to a mobile phone compared to receiving emails and this might improve your chances of being the first person to call in to claim the spot. However, enabling text messages is totally optional.

  • QDoes CancellationSpot store confidential patient information?
  • Other than your contact information, the only healthcare-related info are the names of any Healthcare Providers to whom you may link your account for the purpose of receiving their appointment notification messages.  No actual medical information is collected or required.  

  • QCan I join the cancellation list of any Healthcare Provider on CancellationSpot?
  • Yes.  However, many Healthcare Providers, specialists in particular, require a referral letter from another Healthcare Provider (for example, your Family Doctor) to be on record before you can be officially on their cancellation waitlist. Therefore, while you can search the Provider and request placement on their list, the Provider’s office will be informed of your request and may need to verify that you in fact have a current referral before confirming your addition to their waitlist.

  • QDo I have to sign up to be able to see my Healthcare Provider?
  • No. CancellationSpot is just here to send you messages about unexpected open appointments with your healthcare provider. It is like being on an automated cancellation list. If you prefer not to sign up to CancellationSpot, you will still receive your normal appointment from your healthcare provider in due course, but you will not receive automatic notifications of any unexpected openings that may arise.

  • QI can not find my Healthcare Provider.
  • If you can not find your Healthcare Provider on CancellationSpot, please let us know here. We understand that waiting for healthcare is hard and want to get you in sooner, so please talk to your Healthcare Provider about CancellationSpot today!

  • QI am not receiving emails from CancellationSpot.
  • Please check your junk mail folder (spam) to ensure that emails from CancellationSpot are not inadvertently ending up there.

    Please add to your safe senders list such that emails from CancellationSpot will be directed to your inbox and not into your junk mail folder.

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